January 25, 2018

What’s New

    •  New 5 dollar budget / $7 Mid Shelf flower from Wisley Organics.  
    •  Don’t miss $4-Dollar-Budget-Gram Day Every Monday it’s $4 budget grams all-day tax is included.
    • Mid-shelf-flower is $7 per gram   includes the tax for one price out the door.
    • A great way to grab a strain that is primarily Green-House and very potent.
    • Top-shelf-flower is $10 per gram  includes tax for one price out the door.
    • Brands include Yerba Buena, Heroes Of the Farm, Green Cross, The OG Plant.
    • NEW STUFF – Just in starter vape cartridges from Golden just hit the shelves.
    •    Save 20% on all MSRP-Pricing for Winberry and SELECT cartridges in stock.